If you’ve been reading this column a while, you know how much I love golf. I love it. Jacek is obsessed with it. He golfs year round. It’s all he can talk about, think about, to the point where he’s forbidden from doing so when we see some of our friends because nobody wants to be bored.

But even for those who are super into golf, sometimes golf can admittedly look...well... like the Timberlakes, here at Justin’s course in Tennessee yesterday. Even someone as stylish as Justin Timberlake can be reduced, in golf clothes, to an everyday weekend civilian. And golf clothes can eliminate all trace of anything sexy in someone as hot as Mrs Timberlake. These pants are popular, so infuriatingly popular, and they should be outlawed.

I prefer the pants on the men. I prefer it when Jacek golfs in pants. He wears J Lindbergs and because he has such a nice shape, and is well proportioned, they fall on him very attractively. It also helps that he plays very well. I won’t lie: I like that my husband is, more often than not, the top golfer in any given group of amateurs. It makes me feel better about shanking my own balls into the water. But the minute he puts on the wrong pair of golf shorts (and there are too many) with socks that go too far above his ankle, I expect at minimum par, if not birdie, on every hole, just to balance out the assy style. 

(Note from Jacek: Since I'm editing... I do not wear socks that go past my ankles with shorts.  I might wear Under Armour 24/7 as my everyday wear, and have no illusions about my style usually being less than par, but I have enough sense not to do this)