While Jessica Biel and her Shelf Ass have been in England massacring a movie with her bad accent, her Pipsqueak beau has been left to his own devices and seen partying solo and fighting temptation in LA. Rumours surfaced today from New York that he was spotted at Tenjune making out with a sizzling brunette. Turned out it was a bad smutty tip because JT had already been summoned across the pond by a famewhore Shelfy who was clearly not happy about being publicly ignoreed.

Wouldn’t you know it, practically as soon as he landed, somehow the paps found them. Somehow the paps were able to get close enough to snap these photos confirming without a doubt that they are not only very happy to be reunited but also not exactly unhappy about being photographed.

Coincidence … or conspiracy?

That publicist needs to work for Tom Cruise. Xenu commands it.

As for the status of Shelfy and Pip - word is he"s expected to join Superbowl festivities this week. Perhaps even the big Maxim bash on Saturday night. I will be there. And if I"m not too busy running away from Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton"s deadly virus, I will keep you posted.

After all, smut is only marginally less important than staying alive. And Ebola has no mercy.