Was it? It had to be one of them.

Justin Timberlake let his fiancée come with him to watch the Lakers defeat the Nuggets in Game 7 on Saturday. And not only that, he decided to be extra extra nice and let the world see how much she loves him. There was a lot of kissing and smiling and ring-pimping. She was floating, can’t you tell?

It’s like he’s giving her permission to be happy. And why not? It’s the rush before the wedding. What comes after? Well, in two years, when she’s still not Carey Mulligan/Anne Hathaway/Emma Stone/Natalie Portman/Keira Knightley, it’ll be time to sell her baby. And all the attributes that come, naturally, with having one.

By the way, last week I posted this article about Jessica Biel’s selective career history, emphasising how she omitted 7th Heaven, a tv show on which she starred for 6 years, from her WhoSay profile, choosing instead to focus on her “film” resumé because, like, she is totally a Movie Star, you know?

Well, guess who’s changed her WhoSay profile?

Coincidence or conspiracy?

7th Heaven now gets a mention. And the part about I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry grossing over $100 million which I As If-ed her for is gone. But...

HITCHCOCK is still spelled wrong.

Team Biel has been so efficient, I’m sure they’ll fix it in 24 hours or less.

This time I’m screencapping it.