I just saw this photo and it made my life.

Both Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber were at the Vanity Fair party last night. So they met? Have they met before? I have no idea. And please don’t waste your time being know-it all-y about it either. The point is, in Photo Assuming this photo, Justin the Timberlake isn’t feeling it. Justin the Timberlake wants no part of it. Unlike everyone else in Hollywood, Justin the Timberlake doesn’t know why this kid, 16, gets to come to the Vanity Fair party when at the same age, 16, Timberlake looked like he had a perm and wore acid wash.

Bieber on the other hand, though you can’t see his face directly, is practically hero worshipping. This cocky kid who is usually maddeningly chill in the face of industry giants and icons is giving off some straight up fangirl body language, as his idol can barely stand to touch him. It might be the best picture of the day so far.

Oh and by the way, just to close the loop on this Bieber business – last night marked the official public outing confirmation whatever of him and Selena Gomez. Like total school dance styles. They even matched their clothes. Are you dying? On their way in, he also had his hand on her ass. And they held hangs and at one point when they were sitting, she had her fingers on his thigh. Fine. Everyone else is preoccupied with that. But Jesus, WHAT are these two doing at Vanity Fair? Isn’t this how Drew Barrymore got into trouble? Or do you expect me to believe they hung out at the kids’ table with Madonna’s daughter Lola and played board games?

Photos from Wenn.com and Craig Barritt/ RICH SCHMITT/Christopher Polk/VF11/Gettyimages.com