It’s been so long I forgot what it was like to see JT on a red carpet. And seeing him last night, I realised how much I missed him. Sexy non? Even better that he didn’t drag his dog along with him. Oh wait. I forgot. She’s decidedly less canine these days, isn’t she? Still, it’s a shame Jussy’s wasting the prime of his youth on a low key relationship when what he should be doing is poon chasing with the best of ‘em. I mean, if Wilmer Valderamma can gain access to half of young Hollywood, can you imagine the damage Justin Timberlake could do on the same promiscuous scene? I almost feel angry about this, you know? Like’s depriving us of some very, very hot smutty scandals, the kind we live and breathe for, the kind involving Lindsay Lohan and an international love affair spanning 3 continents while fleeing from the greedy paws of her mother. Now wouldn’t you much rather be obsessing about that?