There were three of them floating around New York this weekend, surrounding him, swelling his head, the Big Man.

Page Six reports that at the SNL afterparty, Pips was supported by “friends’ Olivia Wilde AND Mila Kunis. Both have been linked to him, and both happened to leave around the same time he did. Attached photo from the party – you can see Olivia smiling behind Justin and you’re looking at the back of Mila’s head.

Mila was back in Boston yesterday on the set of Ted. Olivia meanwhile hit up the screening and afterparty for The Hangover Part 2 in NYC. And then there’s Jessica Biel, also in town, hoping he might notice her, at a Revlon event yesterday wearing a green velvet Gucci pantsuit which looks great on her, is very chic, I wish I could, but … why not in October? Reminds me actually of Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford for Gucci many, many years ago, remember? Click here to see. It’s obviously a different cut, from a different time, but at the time, it was the 90s, this was a statement, and she, of course, was the girl to make it. I wonder what Tom thinks of this current green throwback.

So what and who is Justin doing?

Here’s how I see it:

He wants Mila. But she’s making him wait. So he’s waiting with Olivia who needs some fun off her divorce anyway. And Biel? Well, Biel’s getting shut out. That sh-t is DONE.

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