Much of a prick as he is, Justin Timberlake, in terms of talent and prestige, was certainly a tough act to follow. Pip is super A list, absolutely. But after a brief dalliance with that mindfreak loser, Cam like Gisele is finally dating up, hopefully recognising her own super elite status and choosing accordingly.

As reported in Us Weekly, Cameron is seeing David David de Rothschild – now THAT is an old money name. David is 28, is also a tree hugger, is a member of the Rothschild banking family of England, an extreme athlete, a some-time author, and a philanthropist, and a successful businessman in his own right, licensing music and apparel before giving that up to save the planet…which is how they met.

Needless to say, unlike his predecessor, both of David’s balls have clearly dropped: a man among men and super rich too.

Well done Cam, yes?

Here she is yesterday in NYC looking casual and tan. And very good humoured. Turns out, after all this time blaming her, it was actually Pipsqueak who had the bad attitude...