Did Prince kill it during the halftime show or what? Bitch might have been wearing a tea towel on his head in a blinding shade of teal but seriously…for all the money and the marketing and the packaging and the selling of new artists this generation, it still doesn’t come close to the undeniable talent of the diminutive man in heels. And THAT is why Prince is all sex. Would I? You bet your f&ckin’ boob job I would. Especially when he’s givin’er on bass (electric guitar/whatever), screeching his face off, owning the entire stage, freaky and androgynous, full on horny oozing from every inch of his 5 ft body – I’m telling you…in a second, that’s what. Hands down, tits up, Prince in all his purple campy over Little Pip and his baby fuzz. Because Prince is the kind of guy who has a Finishing Move…you know what I’m sayin’? Any guy can open, but can every guy close? Does every guy have a DDT? Or a piledriver? A clutch touch to seal the deal? No doubt about it, Prince has a Finishing Move, Prince has the Purple Pounder – a move so electrifying your headboard will quake for the next seven days. Justin Timberlake on the other hand – a Pippy Pirouette that will have you begging for batteries. Prince trumps Pip. Period. Source