JT performed on Hollywood Boulevard last night. He’s also been on Fallon a lot lately for a series of videos to promote both his album and his movie, Runner, Runner. A few reviews for the film have been released – so far it’s only rating 14% on Rotten Tomatoes but, to be fair, there are only 7 reviews.

Still…I mean…you’ve seen the trailer. And you’ve seen his acting. And…well…

To quote The Hollywood Reporter:

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the seven producers here and might have once imagined himself playing Affleck's character, but it's Timberlake who rather resembles a younger, more lightweight version of DiCaprio in his appearance as Richie. The son of a washed-up professional gambler (John Heard), Richie is positioned as a potential golden boy, a smarty-pants who nonetheless can't detect the sticky web he's caught in until it's too late. Physically, Timberlake cuts the right profile, but there's not a trace of anything going on beneath the surface.

Please. Someone, sometime ask JT what he thinks of being called a “lightweight version of DiCaprio”. See what happens to his face.

But that’s the closest anyone will come to taking him down. It’s like they’re afraid of calling it for what it is – he’s NOT A GOOD ACTOR.

Lainey – he’s SO funny on Saturday Night Live and Fallon.

Sure. He’s funny when everyone else does most of the work for him, isn’t he?

That’s not JT there. That is all Fallon and his writers.

As for Mrs JT, she was at Kimmel with her husband last night, staying close for all of his appearances. Which…is probably a good thing. There’s a gossip reporter in Brazil, Leo Dias, who’s claiming that when Justin was at Rock In Rio last week he might have had a situation with a local girl…? Click here to read and/or get the translation. (thanks Lala!)

Oh come on. Justin Timberlake has never cheated on Mrs Timberlake before (with Olivia Munn etc). And he never, ever, EVER will.