Say it ain’t so. Whispers for days, now even People Magazine is alluding to a growing closeness, taking pains to mention Scarlett’s casual visit with JT and his mother at the Alpha Dog afterparty on Wednesday night, describing an hour long chat with Mother Timberlake and a comfortable presence around all of his friends/co-stars. Has the Pipsqueak really scored The Hotness? Please Goddess…please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scarlett Johansson is a f&cking Goddess. Justin Timberlake has barely reached puberty. Can you think of anything more wasteful? Would he even know what to do with this glorious body? These glorious, glorious breasts? Please….Please Pip. Stick with the reformed hermaphrodites and leave the real women to the real men. But wouldn’t Leo’s Departed ass grab be perfect for Scarlett’s ample booty? Source