A beautiful first trailer for the Coen Brothers’ new movie Inside Llewyn Davis was released this week. The spirit of Bob Dylan hovers over Oscar Isaac, current #1 on my Five List, in the title role and even though almost every single write-up of the preview includes Justin Timberlake’s name on the cast list...

You’ll note he barely appears. He’s smile-panting hilariously in the first shot, and the second happens so quickly you might miss it. Also, he doesn’t speak. And not as an artistic decision either, the way Garrett Hedlund silently and mysteriously shows up as Dean Moriarty. Is this a husband-wife thing now? You’ll recall that in the trailer for Hitchcock, Mrs Timberlake was also only briefly featured...

The Coens are screening Inside Llewyn Davis next month for media which means the film should be close to its final cut. So...Cannes? And then, presumably, an award season run? Which means that Oscar Isaac will finally be the BIG DEAL he should be...? As JT tries to make it all, entirely, about him? And jump on Oscar’s head on the cover of a magazine to promote the movie?

Very possible.

In the meantime, here’s Pipsy’s video for Suit & Tie which amounts to four minutes of celebrating his own style, in black and white, like he’s taking over from Sinatra. Pipsqueak’s full album The 20/20 Experience is confirmed to come out on March 19. He’s also performing Super Bowl weekend, Saturday night, his first concert in a few years. And because he’s, like, so f-cking funny, the funniest motherf-cker in the business, this is what he tweeted a few days ago:

This is gonna be a GREAT Super Bowl! 49ers/Ravens?? Can't wait! i'm booking my flight to New Orleans right now!

Oh wait... I don't have tickets. Dammit! Anybody know anybody?? LOL!


As IF Justin Timberlake couldn’t get tickets to the Super Bowl, right?

God he might actually be the most well-dressed but totally UNCOOL man, like, ever.

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