I confess. Freddie used to be on my Freebie 5 pre-marriage, pre-Scooby. As you know, I still live in high school. And I LOVED She"s All That. The most popular boy in school, athletic and sensitive, dupes the geeky girl into going out with him, transforms her into the queen bee, and ends up falling for her in the end. What"s not to worship? Never mind his acting (horrid, absolutely horrid), if you take away the dialogue and just watch him move around, he"s totally adorable. But that was then. Since then, he"s made one poor career choice after another and he also married a tight ass, cranky bitch. The acting roles have all but dried up. And so apparently has his face, seen here at TRL yesterday. Freddie looks awful. Awful and weird and beady-eyed and nowhere near his former glory. Believe me, I do not relish this declaration. I am not happy about slapping him on the Daily Ugly list. But like Justin Timberlake after him, Freddie has clearly been infected by a nasty virus in the form of an irritating-as-all-hell woman. And I fear the results are irreversible.