Speaking of Gisele, here"s Leo in Details, on promo just in time for The Departed. Not a huge fan, never taken with the Titanic wave, like Justin Timberlake, always a bit of a pipsqueak, although I do admire how he"s been able to parlay the teenybop into a very serious acting career, with few recent flops if any, and a professional association almost entirely centred around Martin Scorcese. Not bad at all, especially when you consider where that"s taken De Niro. But while Leo isn"t the star of any of my fantasies, I have to say this photo of him in the recent issue of Details is one of the sexiest I"ve ever seen. I like it when guys lounge. I like it when they"re relaxed. I like the way his tan or his mystic has replaced the clammy pasty white usually modelled across his features. I like the way he looks in nice clothes, a huge improvement over the punk ass hooligan vibe he"s normally rockin", and a great example of what I was saying about Gwyneth… Without the gorgeous glow known as celebrity, the kind of glow that can turn ugly into quirky, David Spade into David Beckham, and 3 inches into 7, would Leonardo DiCaprio have been able to nail Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli and so many other nameless, faceless mannequins all over his belt notch? Just asking… Photos from ONTD