New interview with British GQ, little Pip’s ego continues to rage out of control. Last month he was complaining about his musical categorisation – he’s an R&B artist, remember? Don’t call it Pop, ok? Because POP is an evil word. And Pip don’t do Pop. Pip makes soul music and everyone else profits.

Like the Grammys. The Grammys used him. The Grammy ratings went up because of him. People watched the Grammys just for him. Because he’s Justin Timberlake: Demigod, musical savior, prodigy…and victim of exploitation?

This time he says it’s McDonald’s. Says McDonald’s pimped him, says he made McDonald’s cool again, says they owe him:

"I view the Grammys the same way I as I see my deal with McDonald"s. I regret the McDonald"s deal. It"s kind of interesting. Just like the McDonald"s deal, whose market share went up 25 percent when I walked into those offices and changed their image. When I did the Grammys, the viewing figures went up by 25 percent. Funny, isn"t it?"

You know what else is funny? It’s funny when stars try to rewrite their own history. And it’s ironic that a star like Pipsqueak is calling out the Sell Out…when it’s so painfully obvious that a star like Pipsqueak simply would NEVER have existed without mass market Sell Out and Commercialization… period.

Did this bitch play in smoky bars and struggle off the tips? Did he write songs in a rundown flat with a landlord breathing down his neck? Did he suffer for his art? EVER???

Because the way I remember it, it was cute blonde curls on a show called the Mickey Mouse Club followed by a Boyband called N Sync contrived by a onetime BoyBand Master called Lou Perlman. But nowadays Pip finds Corporate Manipulation SO unbearably offensive? Please.

Seriously … you couldn’t pay me enough to put this twerp on my Freebie Five and there is NOTHING UN-sexier than a boy who wants to be man who tries to whine his way there. This bitch’s balls will never drop. And as such, Justin Timberlake is Pipsqueak Forever.