Justin Timberlake is riding a winning wave – millions of albums sold, a successful businessman, a partnership with J Lindeberg for William Rast, respect among his peers, and only 28 years old.

You could say then that Pipsqueak is invulnerable, a rare celebrity with no Achilles Heel.

You also know however that where JT’s record of excellence is virtually perfect, so too is Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton’s record of destruction. It will soil anything in its path. It shows no mercy. It spares no one.

Here then our smutty science experiment:

Is the Pipple immune to the Ebola?

She was seated front row at the William Rast show yesterday in New York, soiling a star studded turnout in support of Hollywood’s current Golden Boy. To his credit, Justin hasn’t had much time for Ebola in the past. He’s shied away from socialising regularly in the same circles and is one of the few in Hollywood not to have been legitimately linked to its black hole vagina.

Allowing her access to his runway however might be a dangerous move.

And remember, Ebola is as stealthy as it is lethal. Symptoms of infection may not appear overnight but the disease can incubate for weeks. Watch Pip closely, see if he stumbles.

Last night though there was no stumbling. Even Anna Wintour came backstage to say hello. It was a triumphant evening for Justin, surrounded by friends and family and Shelfy. Of course Shelfy. You didn’t think Jessica Biel would miss this, did you?

There is no way she would have missed this.

Shelfy beamed from her VIP seat, clapped enthusiastically, made weepy worshipful eyes at her boyfriend, and also looked like sh-t.

Like dude, you’re showing at NY Fashion Week. Is this really the best your girlfriend could do? Apparently yes. Lank hair and all.

Maybe this is the way he likes it. To accommodate that massive ego. All about Pip and no one else, especially not a girlfriend more spectacular than he is. Perhaps this was the problem with Cammie D. Cammie D was on equal footing.

Anyway, afterwards they celebrated at dinner followed by drinks at Rose Bar, Shelf clinging tightly onto his arm for the benefit of the paps which, can you believe it?, neither seemed to mind so much.

Shelfy is expected at the Oscars on Sunday. Still haven’t heard whether she’s managed to convince him to come with her. Keep you posted.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and Gettyimages.com