He’s currently on the cover of the new issue of Us Weekly for cheating on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn, and trying to cheat on her with Mila Kunis, who would have none of it. Of course his people are denying it. And someone else will soon be pressured to deny it too. There’s a lot at stake. Trades and favours will be exchanged. You know.

Because JT, he’s an actor now. He’s jumping from project to project, many more projects than his girlfriend, who is supposed to be an actor too.

This week Justin Timberlake started work on yet another movie, I’m.Mortal. They may have changed the name. Am too lightheaded from Jakey and the Love & Other Drugs press screening to care or google. But the point is, he was at work on set today with Amanda Seyfried, and given that he tried to ride up on the situation with his previous attractive co-star, who’s to say that he won’t try with Amanda? It would be such a blow to poor Shelfy, what with Amanda getting first look at so many projects these days.

But he is an attractive motherf-cker, isn’t he? In a well cut suit, a perfect white shirt, his pants fit beautifully, a newly shaved head... yes, Justin is a goodlooking little punk, so full of his own sh-t.

I’m.Mortal is about eternal youth, a society that rewards it to the wealthy. In the future, we will buy Time the way we buy designer bags. Pip plays a poor boy who inherits Time but someone wants to take it away from him, so he kidnaps an heiress. It’s an intriguing plot, but he’s carrying the movie. So, yeah, there’s that.

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