Everyone is all over this Ashley Olsen/Justin Timberlake situation. Click here if you missed my initial thoughts about it earlier this week. During the liveblogs, people have been asking whether or not it’s legit.

My thoughts?

Well first, I hear they’ve been out in a group several times in NYC with friends, including her sister. Last weekend they hit up Niko in Soho. Thanks Jill! Beyond that, I’m not sure it’s all that romantic. So my assessment of it all is that they’re f-cking. And that Olsen is nowhere near to becoming his Bonafide.

(By the way, his last Bonafide, Jessica Biel, on the day that Justin’s Vanity Fair article was released proclaiming her the “most significant” person in his life, was conveniently papped leaving a medical office in LA – see attached below. So there’s that. More on her later.)

Back to Bonafides and Ashley – anything is possible, of course, and relationships can certainly evolve, but consider Justin’s historical preferences: he gets serious with girls who give him Man Cred. Cameron Diaz added to the swagger. Shelfy Ass Biel added to the swagger. Both are perennial favourites on many Men Magazine Lists of Hotties.

Ashley Olsen?

While I’d rather look and dress like her over the other two, she’s not what they normally jerk off to, you know what I mean? And that means a lot to Pipsqueak, it does.

Back to Jessica – have you seen her Revlon ad directed by Darren Aronofsky. First of all – she is SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING than they’ve made her up to be in this commercial. It’s a bust. Also, it’s not particularly arty, I don’t know why Aronofsky had to be involved. And hilariously, of course she had to use the occasion to front like it was the most “creative” process she’d ever experienced, practically begging for him to cast her in his next project.

"I'd love to do a film with him. (This project) was the beginning of our relationship. It was like shooting a movie. It was so creative."

This comes from an interview she gave THR which turns into a puff piece about how she eats carrots and hummus. Click here to read.

Also attached – Ashley leaving a hotel in New York. Why don’t these people ever stay in their own apartments?

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Splashnewsonline.com and Fame