I’ve not seen photos of Ben Affleck with his kids this week, have you? And not last week either. I spent 5 minutes looking for them and the last ones I could find were from September 21st when he was out with daughter Violet.

But Runner, Runner opens today.

Runner, Runner is currently posting a wicked score of 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, you know, the perfect way to follow-up winning an Oscar for Best Picture.

And… no Ben? No paps? Ben can avoid the paps when his new movie sucks sh-t but not when he’s campaigning for Oscar? Coincidence or conspiracy?

By the way, we’ve not seen much from Justin Timberlake either. He’s the lead of yet another movie that, as the San Francisco Chronicle notes "is less than mediocre, but … not repellent, which means that to watch it is to root for it - and to be disappointed”.

What’s the conspiracy here? Why does Hollywood keep trying to turn him into a Movie Star?