Pipsqueak and David Beckham at the Laker Game last night, quite obviously a meeting of the minds. Next to the Golden Balls, Pippy’s undropped handicap is all the more evident.

But Becks is hot, isn’t it?

As for Justin, didn’t see Shelf Ass Jessica Biel, which would mark the 2nd night in a row she wasn’t allowed to show herself off as his girlfriend. The night before though, at the Love Guru premiere, am told she was waiting for him inside the theatre, sitting tall – way up – in her seat.

When he arrived, she stood up to greet him. Everyone else was sitting down, she had to lift up her Shelf and tell the world it belongs to Pip, beaming as the audience watched. Unfortunately he made her go out the back door when they left. And last night she was hidden too. That’s two back to back squandered opportunities for her to enhance her audition reel.

Bet your boob job within a week we’ll be reading about yet another “loving” outing between the two of them, conveniently planted on OK! or People Magazine. Her publicist has to make up for it somehow. Watch.