If only Pip could open his mouth and just… sing. Not talk but sing. No douchery, no ego, no assy whiny bitch. Sing. Period. That’s all.

Because he truly is an amazing performer. Mesmerising on stage, his growth as an entertainer has been impressive. Which makes those silly rumours today of an N Sync reunion that much more ridiculous.

What could Justin Timberlake possibly gain from going back to a boy band? He earns just as much, if not more, money on his own. He doesn’t have to share the spotlight. He doesn’t have to pick up someone else’s slack. In fact, the only reason he would do it would be to rub it in their faces all day long – that he had to come and rescue them from their sh*tty post-Sync lives.


Ok yes. There’s a possibility.

This is Pippy at Fashion Rocks with Beyonce – looks great in his suit, moves great on stage, great chemistry with the B, he’s an annoying little twerp but he totally owns a stage, non?

If only he could open his mouth and just… sing.


Photos from Splash