Pippy’s new bff and relaxed hair

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 26, 2009 09:46:00 November 26, 2009 09:46:00

Pip is working on The Social Network (Facebook story) with Jesse Eisenberg. He and Jesse have apparently bonded on set. Here they are leaving together at the end of a long shoot last night. Before you start thinking it, there are no smutty allusions here. Just straight up new besties.

Can we talk about his hair for this film?

What is it? Slightly longer, yes. But relaxed some, non? Check it from the top view. It’s like his ringlets are brushed out. Works on some (Bradley Cooper) but when it doesn’t work on others, the effect is superdouchey. This is the loser who snaps his fingers for table service at a club like his dick wraps around the block and suddenly disappears when the cheque comes. It is always amazing to me how these dudes attract ladies. Why this would impress them?

Amazingly enough, since she’s convinced the world that they’re still together, Shelf Ass Jessica Biel has made herself scarce recently. Maybe because her latest movie Planet 51 was destroyed at the box office last weekend by New Moon. There’s a rumour floating around that she’s up for a Vogue cover. That’s the sh-t Justin is good for. Like Anna Wintour would care without Pip.

Photos from Pacific Coast News and Wenn.com and John Shinn/Splashnewsonline.com

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