I first reported it on December 20 - click here for a refresher. Rumours were swirling in Wyoming that Justin Timberlake had proposed to Jessica Biel there. They’ve not been seen publicly since. In the new issue of Us Weekly,  they’ve supposedly confirmed the engagement with friends of the couple. According to the magazine, it did indeed go down in Jackson, Wyoming. You’ll recall, Us was also on top of it when they split last year as a result of Justin’s incessant cheating. But she took him back. And he’s rewarded her with the promise of being his wife. Clinging paid off!

And why not?

Justin needs to move into mature actor territory. He’s marrying a woman who’ll let him have his action on the side, so long as she gets to be the official bonafide. It’s all good.

You know what’s amazing about this?

Their engagement story did not make the cover of the magazine.

Us Weekly has the exclusive but it’s just a two pager inside. The cover belongs to Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Poor Biel. What does that girl have to do to be as important out there as she is in her own head? And how will this weigh on Pip’s massive ego? He’s to be married and it’s not front page news...??? Or did they not get the fee they wanted with another publication?

Watch Biel try to debut the ring on the carpet at the Globes or something and get cockblocked by Brange. Please Gossip Genie, let it be.