“Who do you hate more – Justin Timberlake or Leonardo DiCaprio?” – what I just asked Duana a few minutes ago that resulted in a really fun discussion about who, really, is the worst.

For her it’s Leo. And the difference is Saturday Night Live. In Duana’s mind, JT’s willingness to at least try it makes him more tolerable than Leo who, as we know, refuses to put himself out there. If there’s anyone though who could match Leo on Oscar desperation, it would be JT. If that ever happens. F-ck us all if it ever happens. F-ck us all. As a palate cleanser, please enjoy this photo of JT at the Oscars in 2011 and the size of his pants.


JT and Jessica were at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last night. What do you think is happening in this photo?



Please email me your thoughts. We’ll get to Gwen and Blake later but I just want you to study the expression on his face. Because I’m reading “you little punk I’ll drink you under the table”. As you’d expect, while on the carpet, JT had to turn himself into a neon sign while his wife was posing because he can’t just f-cking not.