Clingy with benefits

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 9, 2009 14:31:56 November 9, 2009 14:31:56

According to Fox 411 Jessica Biel wants to be with Justin Timberlake so badly, she’s eating his terms, even if his terms dictate that their relationship remains open, leaving him to f-ck whoever else he wants to, and her at the same time.

Friends with benefits.

Not sure how reliable their source is but it’s not like Shelfy isn’t clingy. And she still needs him, now more than ever, to stay somewhat relevant. His ego is big enough to have made a dicky request like that too.

Here he is, first photos of Pippy on the set of the Social Network, playing Sean Parker the founder of Napster. You may have heard, Pips has also just signed onto voice Boo Boo in an upcoming Yogi Bear feature. The Pip wants to be an actor really, really badly. Music is too easy for this little bitch now. He dreams about conquering film.

Speaking of Justin acting, The Open Road, his movie that sucked so much bomb it barely made it into theatres, will be released on DVD on November 17th. Slightly better than Madonna in Swept Away, but that’s a classic sh-t to diarrhea comparison.

Photos from Pacific Coast News

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