Two weeks ago Justin Timberlake was jumping on his wife’s head on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine. Then his dickhead friends put together a video exploiting homeless people for comic relief as a gift to the happy couple. JT subsequently issued an apology that was all about how funny he is, with no mention of the people he insulted.

Now the Timberlakes are back from their honeymoon. They volunteered this weekend in New York, distributing backpacks to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Amazingly the paps were there to shoot it. And you’ll note, ever mindful of how it would all look, Jessica Biel is not wearing her monster rock. She had it back on yesterday however when the two went to see Skyfall.

Giving back is not bad. Of course not. Photo opping yourself giving back as a publicity stunt because you disrespected homeless people isn’t bad either. But ...could there be more? This, remember, is the same guy who recently broke up with Shriners because the foundation wasn’t happy with his lack of interest. In fact, Shriners actually called him out for “disappear”ing when the “cameras weren’t on”. Click here for a refresher. How disappointing do you have to be for a charity to publicly scold you? 

The Timberlakes made $300K off their sh-tty wedding photos. That could pay for a lot of sleeping bags. Even more if he matched it. It’s not like Justin Timberlake would default on his mortgage he donated his wedding earnings. And I’m sure we could arrange to have it filmed.