West Coast Cling

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 21, 2009 06:45:00 October 21, 2009 06:45:00

The Twitter buzz started last night around dinner – sightings of Pipsqueak with the shrink-ass in Vancouver walking around town, out in the open, and then at the movies, the late showing of Where The Wild Things Are at Dunbar Theatre, a great local picture house. Fiona and I saw Harry Potter 3 there, the midnight premiere, and the local high school kids were all dressed up, wired, doing cartwheels down the aisle. Best night ever. There’s also a great grocery across the street – Stong’s Market – with a kick ass deli. See Twi-Hards? There’s more to Vancouver than stalking Robert Pattinson.

As for Jessica Biel and her cling…

How convenient then that before the movie even ended, OK! Magazine had already posted the alert on its website (JustJared.com was first to go online with confirmation) with reports sounding suspiciously “publicist friendly” that Jessica and Justin were all over each other at the back of the theatre, a happy, clingy Shelfy once again placated by the Pip, totally grateful that he’s decided to keep her around. Remember, it was a long goodbye with Cameron too.

Curiously, this joyous reunion comes just as Jessica is campaigning for a role in a new project in development on Broadway – a stage production of Almodovar’s Women of the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

What? Her? In that?

I know. Blasphemy, right?

Biel is trying to convince producers she can hold her alongside Salma Hayek and (!) Matthew Morrison.

Shelfy, please.

How many times does this broad need to be told to sit DOWN?

File photo from LOMELI/Bauergriffinonline.com

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