Justin Timberlake was in Vegas last night for the premiere of Runner, Runner. Mrs Timberlake was allowed to come, and pose beside him on the red carpet. She made the most of the opportunity in a gorgeous black tuxedo by Dolce & Gabbana that fit her perfectly. I also like the hair in a middle part pulled back with light makeup, although the mini briefcase is too much. Too extra.

The suit is enough, you know? The statement is there. The briefcase, as adorable as it is, in this case, is like a punch to the face with the message – MY STYLING IS AWESOME HERE WITH THE ANDROGYNY. Fine!

It’s a good example of how her red carpet style instincts aren’t quite as sharp as she thinks they are. By contrast, consider if Cate Blanchett had done the same. She would have understood where to stop. Then again, we are here for Runner, Runner. Not saying no seems appropriate.

Not saying no to more JT acting.

Ben Affleck not saying no to sh-t on his resumé. (More on him in another post.)

The studio not saying no to making this movie.

No reviews have been released yet for Runner, Runner. But it’s not like anyone out there is expecting this to be Inception, right?