Not to be mean but…

Who’s Beverley Mitchell? Yes… she’s the girl from 7th Heaven. But again…who?

And if Jessica Biel wasn’t such a famewhore, would you care about her wedding pictures? Would anyone have cared if not for Pip and Shelfy?


One day no one gives a sh-t about Beverley Mitchell, next day her wedding details are front and centre on and somehow those pesky intrusive paps were able to get SO close their photos of the bride and groom look like they should end up on the official thank you cards!

Thank YOU Jessica Biel!

Helping to save a friend’s career by using the same tactics she’s used to launch her own - it’s f&cking brilliant. Too bad she couldn't have spent the same amount of energy looking after her dogs. If that were the case, one of them wouldn't have been eaten by the other.

You will note – a busy bustling street, with randoms and tourists all around, and JT’s bodyguards nowhere in sight. But when he exits his SUV headed inside MTV headquarters for a meeting, they surround him like he’s the Pope.


Because there was a deal. They made a deal. And every day, the paps in Italy have been capitalising on this deal. Trust.

So can you blame the Shelfy for looking so smug?

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