After performing at the Grammy’s Pip said he was solely responsible for the show’s amazing ratings. After endorsing McDonalds, Pippy boasted he was solely responsible for the company’s overall net gains.

Curiously enough, after The Love Guru stank up the box office, Pippy did not take accountability for its failure.

Because in his own mind, Pippy can do no wrong. And Pippy is a fashion genius too! Pippy > Karl! Pippy even invented trucker hats!

In the new issue of Fashion Rocks, Pip says:

“It’s funny; I keep hearing Ashton Kutcher say how he was responsible for trucker caps. I’ve heard him make that statement before. (But) Trace and I were wearing them when we were seventeen.”

Still, despite going out of his way to territorially assert his style claim over a trend that no longer exists, Pip insists that he and Trace, “just kind of didn’t care. We kind of still don’t.

Because people who don’t care always tell magazines they were the ones who kicked off a hat fad.

Bitch… please!

Here are Justin Timberlake and his Shelf Ass Jessica Biel leaving the Comedy Club last night. As you can see, he’s wearing his sh*t-eating grin and suspenders casually looped off his hips. Suspenders that were never pulled up over his shirt to begin with.


He totally just doesn’t care.



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