Pip’n’Ass Eat Ice

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 4, 2007 00:00:00 October 4, 2007 00:00:00

Just a quick update on my friends from earlier, the same ones who lost their sh-t after seeing JT and his Shelf Ass at Eggstacy a few hours ago. In their giggling hysteria, they forgot to mention that the two seemed like “a normal couple” with no bodyguards in sight. Ugh. I really do need new friends.

More exclusive dish re: Justin and Jessica in Toronto. As you know, he’s in town to shoot the Love Guru. My sources say he’s really enjoying his time – see attached photo taken just after their Egg Experience. Compared to Los Angeles, he’s able to move around relatively undisturbed. Says the service has been great everywhere, says he totally down with the “vibe”.

Also – he plays a rival hockey player in the film. Naturally he’s practising skating. Has been dropping in for lessons at a local rink. Word is she is his shadow. She goes everywhere with him. Even skate practise. I’m told he’s getting much better very quickly – a natural athlete. I’m also told that this is a very biased opinion. Everyone involved with production, you see, is a little bit in love with him. Because he’s been professional and pleasant and not a completely dickwad…unlike a couple of his co-stars. Namely the Main Star, who just might be the twattiest of twats ever to (dis)grace a Toronto film set.

As such, compared to the lead’s behaviour, Justin’s supporting demeanour is a breath of fresh air.

One more sickening detail: when he’s on the ice and performs something particularly well, Shelf Ass is supposedly like a f&cking 13 year old cheerleader. Baby this…baby that.

Example: oh baby, you’re doing great. Baby trust me…you’re really getting it.


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