Loving Justin in public continues to open doors for Jessica Biel. Elevated only on the strength of her Shelf Ass and the Pipsqueak association, Jess continues to relentlessly climb the Hollywood ladder and her latest accomplishment is yet another feather in the cap of her brilliant publicist.

A meeting with Dreamworks? A meeting with a movie mogul?

If not for JT, how the f&ck else would Jessica Biel get a meeting with Jeffrey Katzenberg???

Have a look – the other night, Justin pulls up at a hotel in Beverly Hills with his girl beside him, dressed rather appropriately for a business dinner. Jeffrey Katzenberg personally comes out to the car to escort Justin’s date inside, all captured on camera.

Jeffrey and Justin, of course, go way back. Jeffrey and Cammie D go even further back. After all, Cam is a Shrek original. And now, not only has the Shelf Ass encroached on Cam’s ex, she’s also encroaching on her high power player allies?

Bet your boob job Jessica Biel will be voicing a future Dreamworks animation.

Bet your boob job Cammie won’t likey. Trust.

PS. This video here - see little Pip slap that camera like a petulant little bitch.  Seriously boy - if you hate the paps so much, why you dating someone who insists on living her life in front of them?