Just a week after Cameron Diaz and her new beau Bradley Cooper make an appearance on the sidelines in NY during a Giants game, Pip and his Shelf Ass do the same in Green Bay.

Coincidence or conspiracy???

Here they are – Justin and Jessica at the weekend, taking a break from his work on The Love Guru in Toronto, making the trip to Wisconsin to catch some gridiron action on a not particularly exciting Sunday. Favre broke the record last week, the Pack ended up losing to the Bears, and neither of the two are from Green Bay or from Chicago…

Oh but wait. Wait.

It was the Sunday nighter, wasn’t it? For those of you who don’t follow or who don’t live in North America, most NFL games are played simultaneously on Sunday afternoons. However, two main event games are broadcast in prime time – Monday Night Football is already famous but Sunday Night Football with Al Michaels and John Madden is now threatening to dominate.

The Packers and the Bears played on Sunday night on NBC. On a main network with the sporting world watching. OF COURSE the Shelf Ass showed up on Sunday night.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

I’m telling you…her people are brilliant.

PS. That haircut of hers isn’t helping the Herm. I’m just sayin’….