Justin Timberlake was in New York last night. Stopped by Letterman to promote IN TIME, then it was off to his restaurant Southern Hospitality for a private party that included Elton John and David Furnish. This is the first time they’ve agreed to be photographed together since breaking up and getting back together. She must be levitating.

As for IN TIME, finally they’ve released the reviews. And they’re not horrible. The positive reviews aren’t super positive, the negative reviews aren’t super negative. Like a collective “meh”. But it’s still happening, what I’ve been mentioning: a seeming reluctance to sh-t on Pips resulting instead in a very forced sort of support for his ability. One critic had the balls to say that Justin is better suited to supporting actor status, the way he was in The Social Network, yes, playing himself. Still, the majority of them go out of their way to insist that he does indeed have a career as a leading man. In other words, we’ll be getting more of it. And less music? But WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????

Oh, oh, oh!

Here’s a classic Sh-t or Diarrhoea question:

Who do you prefer as a leading man? Justin Timberlake or Gerard Butler?

OMG I think I might have to go Pippy here for the sh-ts and Spittle for the runs. You?