Justin Timberlake has a month off from touring. His wife joined him for a large part of his travels overseas but they were not photographed together often. Now, though, they're back home in California and decided to go golfing this weekend. Paps hang out at golf courses?

Let's talk about her golf outfit. I play golf too. It's a sick thing, golf. My first time out this season, I was awesome, striking the ball better than I ever have. You see what a bitch golf is? Because I promise you that'll be my best round of the year, even though I won't stop trying. Anyway, my biggest complaint about golf is the quality of the women's clothing. I wear tennis clothes when I play golf. Players on the tour however wear some pretty cute proper golf gear. But when you take it down to our level, the only sh-t they stock at the stores is for people who wear everyday pearls. Because I guess that's the demo, still. Because you people, you hip, fresh, fun people, refuse to play golf. Because you don't think it's hip or fun or fresh.

Try it.

If you walk the course, it's great exercise. It's the best time. It's a great place to flirt. A trolley comes around with beer every half an hour. What's the f-cking problem?

I'm asking you to do this for me. If more of you play, they'll start bringing in better fashion.

As for Mrs Timberlake's golf fashion...

I wouldn't have gone white and white. The material isn't structured enough to carry it.