Gerard Butler’s Playing For Keeps was pushed back from its original release date more than once. Now they think the holiday season might be a good time for it to meet audiences. Gerard Butler + Jessica Biel as parents in a theatres... one week before The Hobbit and Les Miserables open...


Because, well, that kind of confidence must mean the movie is really, really great, right?

Can we call Gerard Butler the Katherine Heigl/Jennifer Aniston of male actors? This sh-t is a MESS. And the only people I can imagine it appealing to are these ones.


While Shelfy suffers the indignity of yet another box office underwhelmer (Total Recall) and upcoming critical disaster, her fiancé, who is apparently the Actor in the family now, also has a new trailer available online. Trouble With The Curve is a Clint Eastwood feature. As you can see from the preview, Clint appears to be reprising the dude from Grand Torino in his version of Moneyball where the baseball diamond is a metaphor for the family home...? You know, I was never big on Amy Adams until last year and especially in the footage I’ve seen from The Master. Suddenly Amy Adams is my jam. And the chemistry between her and Clint in this clip, even though we’re only seeing 2 minutes of it, looks strong. I was once the daughter of a single father. Though my father was more present than what this story seems to suggest, emotional detachment and unavailability is a common accompaniment to those coping with loss and managing survival. It’s not a new narrative, but it’s one that’s always relevant. I’d be more excited for this if I wasn’t too busy mitigating my expectations because of Justin Timberlake.

This is clearly a supporting role. I’m not sure why it had to be him. Why couldn’t it be John Krasinski? Remake all of JT’s scenes substituting John Krasinski. See?! So much better. Justin Timberlake is a spotlight highjacker. It’s an essential element for a pop star, one of the required attributes that complemented his talent that made him who he is: a pop star. But the actor who is a spotlight highjacker, who cannot help himself but talk louder, gesticulate wilder, and emote MORE in every scene...?

That is not a real actor. He is terrible. He is still terrible. Always terrible. I keep asking, looking around and asking, looking for the hidden camera and asking...  but the answer never comes: when is this joke going to be over???