Justin Timberlake and his wife were in Barbados last week. You can see those pictures here. Last night they were photographed at LAX en route to London. JT resumes his tour in the UK on Sunday. Mrs T has no projects lined up – that we know of – so she has time to join him on the trip.

As you can see from the shots of them on holiday, they look happy and, most importantly, they look healthy. She looks healthy. That’s good.

JT’s tour takes him to at least October. He’s been attached to that Neil Bogart biopic for a while now. A few months ago it was reported that Spike Lee might direct it. Since then, no news although they keep saying it’ll shoot this year. There’s not a lot of time on JT’s schedule for that. I mean he’s got 3 week gaps here and there but I imagine a project like this one would take longer…?