Check out Jessica Biel pretending to be annoyed by the paps on a take out excursion to Baja Fresh the other day. Yum. Love Baja Fresh. Please come to Canada!

But that Shelf Ass is amazing, non? Perky and protruding even under a sweater, no wonder it’s carrying the weight of her entire career. That bottom is undeniably spectacular.

As for what she’s been doing with it of late – needless to say, the Shelf Ass still has Pipsqueak under its spell. Am told the two were shopping in LA for snowboard and surf gear late last week and word is they’ll spend some time on the slopes and on the beach over the holidays. Of course she’s taking up all his hobbies. Of course she is.

Am working on confirming destinations but Hawaii seems a good bet for the warm weather visit and wouldn’t it be the best smut ever if Cam showed up as well? In Hawaii where their love once bloomed? Remember that hot kiss on a surfboard many moons ago? Can hardly believe it but looking back at photos, I think I miss them together.

Shelf Ass and Cam showdown on a surfboard? My money’s on Cam.

photos from Celebutopia