Shelf Ass Jessica Biel was photographed with the Pip after a walk with the dogs. She’s also been spotted on set of Valentine’s Day, that movie that stars everyone.

Despite a three day run at the Hollywood Bowl however Shelfy still hasn’t confirmed a new movie role. Am told she’s been close, and there has been some interest, but nothing quite yet. The desperation mounts. Natalie Portman should do her a favour and pass on her scraps.

About Justin’s body…

The other day I posted photos of Kellan Lutz in a beater tank noting my disdain for beater tanks and beefcakes. Lanky. I like ‘em lanky. Lanky with muscle. Like Jacek. He and JT have similar bodies actually. Much better than rolling around all roidy and popping. It’s just too bad Pippy’s so far up his own ass.

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