It’s a Mickey Mouse Club love triangle…ish.

Olivia Wilde was last seen with Ryan Gosling on a lame date at the aquarium. Sounds like she prefers The Roxbury.

The Roxbury???

Justin Timberlake goes to The Roxbury?

On Saturday night, yes. And conveniently found out about it. Which means we have another Jessica Biel on our hands.

So Olivia wants you to know that she and Pips were out at the club together and they were “snuggling” and they stayed until 3am. And then left together.

As you know, I’ve been why-is-ing Olivia Wilde for a while. Still don’t get it. But she gets every part that Jessica Biel wants. And, frankly, there’s not a lot of difference. Except for the resume. Shelfy would have given her ass to work even half as much as Olivia. And it must be biting her ass that he’s hooking up with someone she’s probably reading against on every project.

Then again, Justin has never been kind with his breakups. You’ll recall, he overlapped Biel and Cameron Diaz back in 2007 which is when Cameron freaked out on him at a post-Globes party for 45 minutes.

That was January 2007. Coincidentally, this photo of Justin and Olivia together was also taken in January 2007 at an event promoting their film Alpha Dog. They’re also costars on Now which just wrapped. She was married when they first met. But if she wasn’t… would Jessica have happened at all? Poor thing. She’s going to need to shove her tongue down Spittle Butler’s throat to match this action.

Also attached – Justin receiving the Big Help Award on Saturday night at Kids’ Choice, right before he and Olivia hooked up. She’s just out of a marriage, he’s just been released from a clinger, right now then let’s not see it as any more than that. Two attractive celebrities…f-cking.

Photos from Stephen Shugerman/ Kevork Djansezian/