Justin Timberlake tweeted yesterday that he’s releasing a new single called Can’t Stop The Feeling tomorrow.

So when he tweeted this last weekend:

It wasn’t meant as an homage to NSYNC, it was, naturally, meant to be about him. New music. In May. Haha, but no, not really. Seriously, is he really as funny as he thinks he is?

Anyway, the song has evidently been sent already for radio play and DJs keep tweeting about how great it is and he keeps retweeting those tweets. So. Either it is a total banger or people just want to kiss his ass. Both?

As you know, I’ve been saying for months now that JT is itchy, itching for some of his own “ME” time. Click here and click here for refreshers. He’s seen Adele and Taylor Swift break records. Justin Bieber’s album did very, very well. Drake’s album will do very, very well. You know he wants to rejoin that conversation, prove that, indeed, it can still be him.

There may also be another motivation. I heard back in February that JT is launching imprint label in Nashville called Villa 40. The name may have changed by now. I mean I thought “40” was Jay Z’s thing. Anyway, releasing his own album for momentum on his business plans is obviously the smart play. JT wants to be a mogul too.