JT promotes Inside Llewyn Davis

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 28, 2013 18:09:12 November 28, 2013 18:09:12

The last time we talked about Justin Timberlake, the Actor, it was for a movie called Runner, Runner. Which sucked. And it took a sh-t at the box office. And people -- not just bloggers, but reporters mainstream entertainment outlets too -- implored him to stop trying. So JT pouted and ranted at GQ for half an hour about how mean it was for us to take a dump on his movie.

No one’s taking a dump on Inside Llewyn Davis though. That said, it’s not a Justin Timberlake movie. Justin Timberlake is IN the movie but it’s definitely not his movie. It’s a Coen Brothers movie. It’s an Oscar Isaac movie. Justin Timberlake can’t own this movie. Is that why he looks so grumpy promoting it? Here he is at the junket. Photo Assumption, obviously. But there’s a crabby face in there, non?

Did you read the Coen Brothers interview with Rolling Stone recently? They asked Joel about Isaac’s performance:

“People would come in and just kill the song "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me." Then we'd ask them to do a scene, and then you'd go, "Um, yeah, this isn't gonna work." You can get almost anybody who's got a modicum of talent through a scene, or two, or three, but you can't do that for an entire movie. For that, you need a real actor. There are more actors who play music more than reasonably well than there are musicians who act reasonably well."


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