TMZ reported today that Janet Jackson has been confirmed to perform at the first major sporting event since, well, you know. Apparently she’ll be singing at the Dubai World Cup, “the world’s richest horse race”. I’m so happy to learn this. Because there are new shots available of Justin Timberlake and there’s nothing I enjoy more than remembering and reminding you of the time JT tapped out and left Janet FOR DEAD at the Super Bowl.

And her career was the sh-ts for a decade. While he went on to win Grammys and make movies and generally just soar. Now that he has the power, now that he’s established himself as one of the most successful solo artists in the business, has there been any revisiting of that situation? Delayed remorse? Please. #NeverForget

Anyway, here he is at Au Fudge yesterday, perhaps dropping in to see his wife. Apparently that event last week (click here for a refresher) wasn’t the official opening? So when it does actually officially open, he still has a chance to show up and support her but, really, make it all about himself.