The PipWeasel last night on the carpet for the premiere of The Love Guru which – maybe it’s just me – looks like total ass. Even the trailer. Get Smart instead, ok? After all, Steve Carell deserves it more than Mike Myers. And at least Steve isn’t a crazy unfunny bitch on set. Would be amazing if Guru is a flop instead of Smart. Amazing.

But I digress.

This is about the Pippy and the Pippy showed up without his Shelfy. The Shelfy was probably sulking about this, having missed a glorious opportunity to exploit her relationship and advance her career. Justin probably put his foot down though – ball-less as he is, Justin’s ego would never let his love life get in the way of his acting ambitions. This is a boy who can’t share the spotlight. There were unmistakable signs of this all over his relationship with Britney.

As for his footwear, check out the Pip tryin’ to be all Brad Pitt with his deliberate worn-down shoes. Can you imagine Justin Timberlake squeaking his way over to Angelina Jolie? She would crush him. She would break him with a glare.


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