‘N SYNC’s drop hatch – Beyonce did it first.

Beyonce on Beyonce for Beyonce by Beyonce – Beyonce did it first.

Jay Z’s Holy Grail, in collaboration with Justin Timberlake, is on radio repeat right now. The video was released exclusively on Facebook yesterday with a 24 hour advance – the first time for a major musician. Facebook…and not MySpace.


Backlit in a trenchcoat, Justin looks amazing in the video. He even looks amazing in his close-ups. And I don’t find him amazing very often. But Justin Timberlake by Jay Z? Very tolerable. Holy Grail is better than anything on The 20/20 Experience. JT’s performance on the track is better than anything on his own album. And JT in Jay’s video is better than his own Suit & Tie and Mirrors and Take Back The Night.

Blue told me remind you Pippy…