Laura sent me an email 5 minutes ago:

Please tell me you’ve seen the trailer for The Open Road with JT. I can’t believe how f-cking bad it looks. I can’t.

This of course made me so happy I had to hit YouTube immediately. And then proceeded to laugh my ass off the entire time. Totally helps with the people hating after the Cyrus f-ckery in the previous post.

Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake is great on Saturday Night Live. But on film…


It’s embarrassing.

Really, really, REALLY embarrassing.

Like Madonna, the ego, the faith in that God given talent, he wants it so badly. It’s not enough that he can sing and write and dance and produce. He needs to own acting too. By owning acting he can sit on top of that mountain and call himself the King.


Madge failed. He fails.

They simply cannot conquer it.

You might say that Pip has time, that he can develop into a better actor.


Justin Timberlake can only be Justin Timberlake. He can’t BE anyone else. His own personality, his own Pippy-ness, it’s all too much to suppress. This is Madonna’s problem too.

But they will NOT give up.

He will not give up.

He will keep trying to act. And he will keep sucking at it.

And this is good.

Because this sh-t is FUNNY.

Watch with your hands over your eyes.

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