Justin Timberlake

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Arguments for:
- He grew up before their eyes. He is the Mickey Mouse pop star who has sold millions of records, with songs we can all sing along to, who finally starred this year in a hit movie. Justin is not a failure.
- Unlike many of his child star peers, he has not f-cked up. He did not marry Kevin Federline. He has not been to rehab, he does not drive drunk. To the MiniVan he is squeaky clean, well behaved, and keeps their dreams alive. He is the All American success story, and 25 is a nice, cheerful number to put in front of his curls.
- Justin has worked hard to earn the Man Cred. He is funny on SNL. He appears on ESPN all the time. He can walk with the jocks. He golfs and plays basketball and tries hard to make you forget he was in a boyband.
- And he wants it so f-cking bad. If People offered it to him, he’d promise them everything in return. Pictures inside his house, an interview with his ma, private photos from his collection, anything that could help him continue this bullsh-t dream of becoming Justin Timberlake The Movie Star. Because remember, apart from JFK Jr, and that’s obviously an exception we can all live with, the Sexiest Man Alive is ALWAYS a Movie Star. Justin needs this, perhaps more than they need him.

Arguments against:
- They are supposed to be MEN. They come with a certain amount of maturity. Tom Cruise (1990) was the last man to hold the title in his 20s. Ever since they’ve all been 30+. There’s a reason for that. The SMA is not a Pipsqueak.
- His acting is appalling.
- He was recently accused of cheating on his girlfriend right when People Magazine would have been making their deliberations. The timing isn’t great.
- 25 years is a big deal. 25 years can’t be a debate. 25 years is READY. The SMA must be ready for the crown. One day, similar to Pattinson, this will be his. But right now, Pip is still in training.

Odds: 10 to 1

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