Pippy Le Pew Justin Timberlake claims he suffers from OCD. But of course he does. All artists have compulsions, right? And Pip is, above all things, indisputably an artist.

"I have OCD mixed with ADD. You try living with that. It"s complicated”, he said.

No douchebag… it’s contrived. That’s what it is.

Like That Girl. You know That Girl? That Girl who leans over conspiratorially five minutes after you’ve just met her, That Girl who decides to reveal to you that she “used to have an eating disorder”?

OCD is the same thing.

And before you lose your sh*t because you’ve incorrectly interpreted that I’m belittling those who legitimately suffer from OCD and anorexia/bulimia…chill.

Those who have to live with OCD and those who battle eating disorders of course they deserve our sympathy. Pop stars who claim they always need to keep their coke cans in a straight line in the refrigerator and drop the OCD card into the conversation like a badge of honour or a membership card to the cool club, all they deserve is your snort.

Pip is many things – he is talented, he can dance, his balls haven’t dropped, he has managed his brand well, he is a savvy businessman, he is attractive, he looks good in pants…but Pip with OCD is not cool.

This is Pip in Paris on his way to the Givenchy party. Am told Shelf Ass Biel is being a sucky poo because she couldn’t come, she had to work. Her movie’s apparently been axed. Oh Shelfy… always hustling for more work

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