Justin Timberlake: Boogers > Glee

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Entertainment Weekly reported yesterday that Justin Timberlake is singing again…sort of. He voices a booger on The Cleveland Show, something he was quite enthusiastic about when approached. That, apparently, is the closest we’re going to come to new material from the Pip. Musical material, that is. He will continue to “exhaust” us with his acting.

Interestingly enough though, while JT was happy to offer a television contribution for The Cleveland Show, it was revealed a few days ago via Us Weekly that he’s denied Glee access to his library which, obviously, means that he does not want Mr Schue to start singing SexyBack.

Ok, I don’t know, but I kinda love him for this. Ryan Murphy recently unleashed his bitch all over Kings of Leon, calling them “self-centred assholes” for not allowing his show to use their songs. I’m thinking he won’t do the same, at least publicly, with Justin Timberlake. Taking on Justin is a whole different ballgame. Having said that, I really hope he tries. I really hope Ryan Murphy, riding this current Glee high, and all that ego, BFF of Julia Roberts, declares war on Justin Timberlake. Please.

As for Justin’s decision – look, he wrote the f-cking music, he can do whatever he wants with it…although if ever there was material perfect for that show, I mean, it doesn’t get much more, you know? Which, I suspect, is the problem. It’s not that he has issues with the interpretation, it’s the REMINDER that bothers him. Every time you hear those songs is another time you think of him NOT as an ACTOR but as a singer. He just keeps fighting it.

Attached – Justin with some friends in LA on the weekend.

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