I was tired of Justin Timberlake 30 seconds into his first red carpet interview. Can you imagine what it felt like to be Jessica Biel on a night like this, to endure the endless barrage of ME that kept coming out of his mouth? It started with Ryan Seacrest and a question about them dressing up as Trolls to go trick-or-treating at Halloween. And somehow that story turned into this anecdote:

JT’s wife is the best when she’s doing the work of pimping his movie. Like, she can’t be the best on her own, by being Jessica Biel. Her “best” is tied back to him, benefiting him. As usual. Can you see her face when he’s relaying this? The tension there? The tight smile? I know this face and this smile because I have made it myself with my own husband, Jacek, who is the Bad Joke Guy (Jacek: only she thinks this. All our friends think my jokes are well timed and not overused - thank you). Or he’s the guy who’s been known to ask a woman when she’s due to have her baby… after she has her baby. Fortunately for me, Jacek is an introvert. And unlike Justin Timberlake, his lungs still work when he’s not in the spotlight. JT can only breathe when he has the attention. What’s it like at his house?

Other films by Dreamworks Animation: How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar. YOU CAN’T PLAY EVEN ONE OF THESE???

And finally, please enjoy JT, the ultimate fangirl, harassing Denzel Washington, extricating himself from the ultimate fangirl and using every ounce of talent he has to pretend he’s not afraid.

As for Jessica’s dress, it was Elie Saab, one of those “sternum dresses” as Duana calls it, and supposed to cause a “stir” because of all the side-boob action and precariousness but I was so bored by her hair (a side part low bun, really?) that I can’t be bothered to care about the rest.