I have it.

Do you have it?

For how many years we were hoping Justin Timberlake would return to music and quit with the acting, and now, only a few weeks after he’s returned to music, I’m sick of him already. I’m sick of him everywhere -- late night television, variety shows, award shows, festivals, commercials, radio, online...

And the album isn’t even out yet.

The album is out tomorrow.

Don’t tell me this isn’t as annoying -- and probably MORE -- than Beyonce’s January to February domination. But B will still end up getting more sh-t for it because she hasn’t hosted Saturday Night Live five times, and besides, that’s how we do in a patriarchal society.


I’ll take Beyonce over Pipsqueak. ALL the time.

Here’s JT performing at his “secret” show at SXSW this weekend. You know who closed SXSW? Step to the side, son. It’s Prince. He played until 3am. He played hard, and for so long, some hipsters had to go home. (Source)

"Don't make me hurt you. You know how many hits I got?"

Prince wasn’t directing this at Pips, but it totally would have applied.

And what of Mrs Timberlake? Her husband took her to see Book Of Mormon in New York. But he made her wait on the steps for 20 minutes...as the paps were shooting her. Click here to see the photos. Photo Assumption her displeasure in the tightness of her face. Would she ever keep him waiting? Never. But he might have to make it up to her in order to right this wrong. What will that look like? A declaration of love from the stage? A wet kiss tomorrow, and then immortalised on the blogs the next day? Or is no conciliatory gesture even necessary? She should be thanking HIM every day of her life for actually marrying her.

PS. Have you listened to The 20/20 Experience yet? There are a few moments here and there but taken overall, from beginning to end, and several times now, the new album is BORING.

Also attached -- the History of Rap 4 with Jimmy Fallon. At this point it’s just coasting, isn’t it?